Yelp strikes again- Now it’s fake businesses

Yelp reviews a biz just down the street from us... only it's not there

I’ve had a hate/hate relationship with Yelp for some time, starting with their extortion attempts a few years ago to get better listings (by paying $300/month per location to put your best reviews up top) and continuing with at least one local shop that essentially pays people for positive reviews. Well today we have something new. Click on the thumbnail for the larger picture of a Yelp review (the original can be found here if it’s still up) for a Singaporean restaurant at 1 Maple Street. 1 Maple Street is the leasing office for the large apartment complex next door to us; there is not, nor has there ever been, a restaurant at that corner.

Friday night (March 16th) I flagged the reviews and added one of my own. It will be interesting to see how long it stays in place.

5 thoughts on “Yelp strikes again- Now it’s fake businesses

    1. If you go through the listings, you’ll find a few sloppy posts by “reviewers” who mention what they’re not supposed to mention- that if you give a positive review you’ll get a big discount. We also had a former employee who posted one for us, and when I found out I kinda went ballistic (it was taken down immediately). His defense was that his friends at other shops do that all the time (and are encouraged to do so). Similarly, I know of a shop that used to ensure it’s place in the “Top 100” dealer list, which is voted on by suppliers, by holding reps hostage. If not voted for to be on the list, no order. You can get through life being transparent and not cheating.

  1. I just can’t imagine why the fake review–unless it’s a prank to get people to call the phone number? Crazy! Too bad, the food sounded good : )

    1. It’s like any on-line community, where the more posts and responses you get, the higher your credibility within that community. Few of us are immune from the desire for feedback, something to prove to ourselves that we exist and have some meaning in the Universe. Would I write so much if I thought it was going into the ether with nobody noticing? Definitely not.

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