Course complete. You win!

Time for an “ugly” ride, something not terribly long but far more challenging than the mere mileage or climbing would indicate. So last night, with Kevin’s help, I put together an “ugly” ride. Something tough to do on a warm/hot day (it was just under 100 much of the ride). Something I could program into the Garmin ahead of time so I would be less tempted to modify things along the way.

Today’s “ugly” ride had us going up Page Mill (Kevin’s idea) to Skyline, south on Skyline to 9 (and south on Skyline is so much tougher than going north, even though the elevation change isn’t much different), lunch at Mr. Mustard, then down 9, up & over Eden & Pierce to Los Altos, then a different sort loop through the Foothills, different in that I discovered new forms of torture on a hot day. I’ll post more details tomorrow.

Oh, the title. At the end of the ride Kevin’s computer flashed “Course complete. You win!”, apparently a message that we beat the time estimate. Rest assured, we were in fact beat by the end of this ride!

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