Life could be worse than selling cycling

This morning, on my regular Tuesday/Thursday morning ride, it was just so spectacular, so clear, so beautiful seeing the low fog out at the coast with just the top of the hills poking through, and I was thinking, darn, too bad you have to work on a day like this. But then I realized how great it is that I get paid to help others enjoy the things I do. It really is a driving force for me, and hopefully my love of cycling (not just bicycles, but actually riding them) can be a contagious force that gets others out there.

Too many to mention this morning; where they all came from I don’t know. Karl, Karen, Eric, John, Ludo, Nigel, Millo and at least two or three others. Mid-27-minute time up Kings, a bit faster than I’d figure for the winter, but you do what you gotta do. Fast, slow or in-between, whatever you had to do to get up on Skyline this morning was worth it.

2 thoughts on “Life could be worse than selling cycling

  1. I arrived at work with a big grin on my face. There’s no better way to start a weekday than a 2 hour bike ride in the spring sunshine!

    1. Nigel: Where you come from, this might be considered “spring” but seriously, this is Northern California’s idea of the middle of winter! Sure am glad I’m not (trying to) fly back to Trek in Wisconsin right now.

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