Darn. Fat isn’t water-soluble

My first Tuesday/Thursday ride in two weeks and it’s wet out. Not really raining, not really cold, but certainly not conditions for my nice bike. I’d already resigned myself to the rain bike last night, bringing it into the house from the garage, but I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to use it.  And hoping that the mere act of bringing it up into the house would make it less likely to be needed!

I was way over-prepared; in addition to my lightweight supposedly-waterproof shell (picked up in France when the weather turned unexpectedly-foul), I also brought my “plastic” rain jacket (heavy) and completely-waterproof and uber-warm Garneau gloves in addition to my lighter-weight Giro winter gloves. I never needed the heavy-duty stuff; even though the Giro gloves soaked through, it was so warm (probably mid-50s) they were fine.

Who showed up? Kevin (pilot Kevin) and Karen. Kevin took it relatively easy while Karen just rode away. She had just come back from the cyclo-cross nationals in Portland and is showing excellent winter form! Which, of course, is a problem for those of us who think winter is the time that we’re supposed to be taking it a bit easier and less seriously! Accepting the fact that the “we” in “we’re” is possibly just me, looking for an excuse to be slow.

Oh, regarding the water-solubility of fat? I was thinking of that as being a good reason to ride in the rain; that somehow the water solubility of fat meant that you could ride in the rain and wash away the fat! Unfortunately, fat is not water soluble after all (never mind that it’s under you skin anyway).

The forecast for Thursday shows no rain. I’m looking forward to it!

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