The coast is clear!

Beautiful day on the coast, trying to see how well the iPhone wordpress app can upload photos. Five or six cyclists at the bakery. Shooting lots of pictures, some of which will hopefully come out!

OK, that was during the ride, and since then I’ve cleaned up a few typos. The iPhone screen isn’t that visible in sunlight, plus my cycling sunglasses (prescription Oakleys) aren’t progressive or bifocals, so it’s petty tough for me to read what I’ve typed.  So below is the full ride report.

Started out later than I’d hoped, which is almost always the case on Sunday rides with my son. Nothing ever gets going quite when I’d hope. Out the door around 11:30 which killed off the original idea of the Pescadero/Tunitas loop, falling back on San Gregorio/Tunitas, about 15 miles shorter. That might have been about as much as Kevin could have handled anyway, as this was his first real ride (other than a few short trips to school and back) in maybe 10 weeks! The good news is that he has no lingering kidney issues, aside from carrying around a few extra pounds he put on while inactive. That plus muscles that had forgotten what it takes to climb! As a result, it was a 30 minute time up Old LaHonda, so instead of us chasing down rabbits, the dogs were chasing down us. Hate that.

From the time we left the house until we were at the very top of Old LaHonda, we were encased in gray skies & drizzle. But once at the top, and all the way out to the coast, it was a spectacular day! Temps in the mid to upper-60s, dry, light breeze. Later on we confirmed that it never did clear up back home. One more reason to get on your bike and ride! Kevin did well on the run to the coast, but on Tunitas, let’s just say that a kid who normally likes to climb was looking for the secret tunnel through to the other side. It was a pretty long slog up the hill, complete with a surprise about halfway up when I heard Kevin, riding slightly behind me, yell “Screw you!” at a white SUV that had just passed us. Huh? He was driving a bit erratically, but we’re kinda used to that. It turned out that, as they approached me, Kevin watched as the passenger up front got out a slingshot and fired a rock at me, narrowly missing my rear wheel. I had no idea until Kevin told me what had happened. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera out and Kevin didn’t get a license number. Annoying, but not something we’re going to let ruin the ride.

Of course, all good things come to an end, and at the top of Tunitas, the overcast and fog came back and the temperature dropped from 66 to 53 degrees. No fun. But for a few hours, our bicycles took us to a coastal paradise!

2 thoughts on “The coast is clear!

  1. Wow, well of course it would be sunny out there! After a couple of weeks off the tandem we didn’t feel up to the up & over, but it would have been worth it to get some sun! We did our standard milk run of Belmont to Portola and back for 30 miles, and *maybe* saw the disc of the sun through the overcast for about three minutes at one point.

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