New blood!

First ride of the fall, and a perfect fall day! Somehow 48 degrees is more comfortable when it’s “fall” than a few days ago when it was supposedly “summer.”

Most of the regulars were missing this morning; some were off to the races (Everest Challenge near Bishop), Karl’s still out of action, Kevin (the pilot) might have been working. So just three of us, myself, Jan, and new-guy Louis, who said he’d wanted to come out for our ride for a couple years and finally made it. Of course, his first ride happened to be the ride with the smallest attendance in many months, so not exactly typical!

Jan must be flying up the hill, just look at that jacket! New-guy Louis is right on his heels.
Jan set the pace up Kings, and for the first part of the climb I was doing OK until my wheezy lungs got the best of me, and I told Louis to stick to Jan’s wheel (Jan climbs at a very consistent pace). Someday, somebody’s going to show up for my ride who breathes like I do, but as yet that hasn’t happened. For those concerned about the idea of a 54 year old guy wheezing his way up the hill, I do not suffer from acute asthma, and have never, ever, had an “attack” where I couldn’t breathe. Mine is a chronic, not acute condition. Whatever, Louis has no problem breathing or climbing. And he’s young. Probably still has eyes that work without reading glasses. But he seems like a really nice guy, so despite all that, it’s hard to hate him. Still room for a little jealousy though.

Jan on west-side Old LaHonda. The coast really is clear today!
Did I mention it was a perfect fall day? It really was, with the slightest of breezes, clean air, just a few wispy clouds in the sky, no fog, dry pavement. It even started warming up significantly on the far side (west-side Old LaHonda). Curiously, no rabbits out today, just the occasional deer here & there. In the end this was a typical Thursday ride, a little bit slower than a typical Tuesday ride (16.1mph average speed) and someone new for me to try to keep up with on the climbs. What more could one ask for?

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