Best-looking bike we’ve ever sold?

Sometimes you can imagine how you want something to be or look, but the reality doesn’t quite match the dream. Not with this bike. A Project One TREK Madone that Becky worked with, which was a wedding present to a guy’s wife. It doesn’t take much to figure that she really likes pink, but there’s a lot more going with this bike than just pink. The combination of colors came out perfectly!

Project One bikes give you hundreds of color & component options, at a surprisingly affordable price. My own bike is a Madone 6-series custom-paint Project One, but nothing nearly as elaborate as what you see here. I’ll try and find a photo somewhere and post it. I’m sure if I’d had Becky do it for me, it would have been a lot more elaborate, and nicer-looking to most, but probably not “me.” That’s the cool thing about Project One. It’s all about you.

Becky’s got a lot more information about the Project One process on her blog here! Check it out and make sure to leave her comments with any questions. She’s annoyed that so many more people read and comment on my blog than hers. Never mind that I’ve been doing this for 13 years vs 18 days for her… 🙂

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