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Living life as a dream merchant isn’t so bad


Dreams don’t come true because you got a great deal on a bike at a sale (even ours). They often come true because somebody else helped you to believe that dream was possible. It could have been a bicycle salesperson who could relate and helped you find ways to achieve that dream, by relating to it, by sharing their own experiences about what cycling has done for them. 

It could be a wife or husband or friend who supported that dream and helped give you the time to make it real. It might have been seeing a picture of a 21 year old “kid” climbing up a big mountain in France in the cold & rain, with cows looking on, knowing that, when he was 13, he was 5’3 & 220 pounds, with epilepsy and bad kidneys. He’s now 5’9 & 168… cycling did that for him. Never mind the doctors who thought someone with epilepsy shouldn’t be on a bike. Doctors aren’t always dreamers. 

Think of what cycling can do for you. And maybe now have an idea of why I keep heading back to France each July, the past 5 years with my son.–MikeJ (partner, Chain Reaction Bicycles, but more importantly father of that kid in the photo).