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Redwood City police claim 14 year old cyclist at fault for her death (which I question)

Leyla Beban's "Ghost Bike" relocated away from the intersection
Leyla Beban’s “Ghost Bike” relocated away from the intersection

My worst fears imagined; the “investigation” into the tragic death of 14 year old Leyla Beban on November 26, 2012 has decided it was her fault. You can read my original entry on this, written the day afterward, which asks questions and postulated how things might have gone down more-thoroughly than what’s been released by the police department. Or not. I haven’t seen the actual police report, only on-line stories that might not do justice to the Redwood City Police Department.

I’ve gone through the accident in my mind over and over and over. I have a very hard time understanding how the motorist was not responsible for knowing that someone was on his or her right, whether cyclist or pedestrian. And since there’s no right-hand turn lane there, the motorist must assume that anyone on their right side could be going straight, and have the right of way. Alternatively, if Leyla has actually been seen indicating she would be turning right, the motorist shouldn’t be racing her for the intersection. The family has retained an attorney who specializes in bicycle accidents, so this isn’t the end of it.

Rode with a World Champion today

Our most-decorated semi-regular Tuesday/Thursday-morning rider came out today, fresh from taking the Women’s World CycloCross Championship (50-54 age group) in Louisville Kentucky… that would be the always-classy Karen Brems. I wish I had been feeling good enough to spend time with her and hear the stories, but I’m still getting over this nasty cold bug so nearly all of the ride was, for me, in survival mode. Even though Karen was taking it pretty easy… everyone, in fact, was taking it pretty easy.

Everyone? Actually, I don’t know that to be the case. The start of the climb up Kings was easy, until I got dropped, and since Marcus showed up, and Kevin (pilot), and Chris, and George… the regular testosterone brigade… who knows what went on up there. But I do know that Todd, Karen and Eric were taking it relatively-easy. Thankfully it was a no-drop pace of Skyline, else I wouldn’t have got the video of my snot-rocket blessing. I didn’t know for sure that it came my way, yet I had the presence of mind to wipe the camera lens right afterward.