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Yesterday-morning’s dream

I don’t dream that often, or maybe I do, but I don’t remember them. Yesterday morning was different. I was lubing a customer’s chain in a workstand, got about halfway through with it and the 6:55am alarm went off. That’s when I get up for the Tuesday & Thursday-morning rides.

The chain in my dreams wasn't quite this bad
The chain in my dreams wasn’t quite this bad
And I’m thinking, as I emerge from the dream, that I’m not done yet, I have to go back to sleep and finish lubing the chain. Seriously, that’s what I was thinking. I was debating, in an intellectual level, the merits of the choice I had to make.

In the end I decided to get up and ride. As if there was any other choice, yet it seemed like there was some real thought and time involved. It’s like that it all happened in a fraction of a second.

Analysis? One might interpret the dream to mean I have unfinished business to attend to. Whatever, people are going to wonder when I see a bike with a half-rusted chain and start to laugh.

If things ran so smoothly I wasn’t needed… (a fantasy)

If the shop ran so smoothly that either I wasn’t needed or if it was the case that, when here, I’m in the way of better things, then in about two hours I’d be jumping onto UA#990 to France. Save award tickets are available in both business and economy, and I’ve plenty of miles at the moment. I’d quickly re-pack my BikeFriday (Kevin’s is still packed, so no problem there) and head to the airport.

We’d land tomorrow in Paris (direct flight!) and take the TGV to Geneva. Plane arrives at CDG 10:45am; train to Grenoble at 1:58pm, arrives Grenoble at 5:34pm (one transfer at Lyon). We’d probably stay here, right across from the train station. 9 nights, $631, air conditioned, includes a small kitchen. Great reviews on Booking.com (which I’ve used with great results when booking overseas accommodations).

Using that hotel as a base, we could explore most of the Alps and all of the Vercors region without a rental car. Awesome. Getting out past Alpe D’Huez would be easier with than without one though, but I think we could do it for just a few days and not spend too much (budget about $70/day for a small rental car in France).

Thursday the 21st we’d take the direct TGV, 10:23am to 1:22pm into Paris, Gare de Lyon station. Maybe stay here, at the Hotel Terminus Lyon, right in front of the train station, and right across the street from the bus that takes us straight to CDG airport Friday morning, where we board our plane for home (saver award tickets available!) and arrive back Friday afternoon at SFO.

OK, I just spent about 25 minutes planning the important details of an entire trip to France. Specifically, a cycling trip to the Vercors and Alps. You could even make a run to Ventoux from there! Hey, you can always dream, right?  –Mike–

Updated 4:05pm- I checked on Flightaware; UA990 SFO-CDG left on-time, without me. Maybe I’ll re-pack my bike, just in case. No, just kidding.