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Did Lance influence last night’s “The Good Wife” TV episode?

Last night’s episode (full episode available here) of The Good Wife (on of my admitted really seriously guilty pleasures… dumb TV that I make a point to watch) had interesting timing, given Lance Armstrong’s upcoming interview with Oprah. Aside from the continuing stories about politics and will they/won’t they get back together etc., there was an amusing centerpiece dealing with the CAS (Committee for Arbitration for Sport). Some pretty severe liberties were taken; for example, I don’t think it likely you can just call them up and schedule an emergency hearing and expect them to show up, but aside from that, they had a great time making a mockery of the process. Question is, how far from the truth were they? Different universe, outlying planet, or nailed it? I’m guessing outlying planet.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to skip around, so I can’t give you time points to go to like you could if it were a youtube video, but the first relevant segment does start at about 4 minutes. If you try to skip forward, it throws you an advertisement. Guess it’s only fair. 9 minutes in is the first encounter with the CAS.

It’s not a bad episode overall, worth taking a look at.