Been busy past few days- time to catch up!

Yesterday was busier than most; the morning ride, on an absolutely stunningly fantastic morning at that, followed by trying to get an email out to our shop’s mailing list detailing the latest info on our local roads, and following that, taking part in Redwood City’s Complete Streets committee, originally a two-year gig that the city council has extended to four. Interspersed with all that there were bike sales to take care of, bikes to repair so they could get back on the road, and dealing with bike industry issues in my role on the NBDA’s Board of Directors. So when it seems like I didn’t get anything done yesterday, I guess I actually did!

Just Kevin (the kid) & Marcus joined me yesterday for the ride up the hill; a bit surprising given how nice it was. Of course, this was our first Daylight Saving Time, so maybe the usual suspects wanted to sleep in? I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to getting up at the equivalent of 5:55am, but it really wasn’t all that bad. The motions you go through… after so many years, you’re so used to them you could almost do it in your sleep.

The warmer weather probably helped my lungs a bit; I was able to do better up Kings than I have in quite a while. Still pretty pathetic compared to the old days (which were just two years ago???), but fastest time for me since October.

And yes, this was another outlaw ride, as we continue to monitor conditions on West Old LaHonda. Thankfully I’ve now got some assistance from BPAC (San Mateo County’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee) which has placed the issue of cycling access to West Old LaHonda on the agenda for its next meeting on April 20th. Thanks go to Gwen Buckley for taking action on this; of course, I would hope the road will have been repaired long before then!

A Delorean passed by but it didn’t transport me back in time

On the left Kevin’s on the final Stage Road climb to Highway 1; on the right, flatter part of Tunitas, he’s enjoying what’s left of a Coke. Life definitely went better after the Coke!
Nothing different from the normal Sunday routine, except that I got up quite a bit earlier than Kevin to watch the final stage of Paris Nice, and after that, spent some time cleaning a bad winter’s collection of mud off our bieks before the ride.

Ohmygosh it was beautiful out there today! First time in many months we got to leave the legwarmers, base layers and jackets at home. Lowest temp I saw was maybe 61? Lower 70s were the norm. Nice enough that Kevin overcooked it a bit climbing Old LaHonda; I saw him for the first 6 minutes or so and then he was gone. It’s going to take him a bit of time to get back to full speed, but at just over 20 minutes, he’s way faster than I am!

We did the outlaw thing, like everybody else, riding West Old LaHonda through the “dangerous” closed section (which hasn’t seemed to have changed at all these past two weeks). The climb over Haskins was pretty slow, although we can blame most of it on stopping to help someone in a car figure out how to get to the coast. Pretty easy; just stay on the same road and it dead ends at the ocean!

The bakery/market in Pescadero was packed, which shouldn’t be a surprise, given how nice it was. We’re such regulars there that they start making Kevin’s sandwich as soon as they spot him in line though, so that saved some time. They even know him by name (which they wrote on the sandwich).

Stage Road? Yeah, tough headwind today, but the only really bad part is just that first few miles to the base of the first climb. Tunitas? Very easy; Kevin was feeling the effects of his Old LaHonda effort. He felt a lot better after drinking the half bottle of coke that I couldn’t finish in Pescadero and brought with me though.

I can definitely get used to days like this. After the winter we’ve had, yeah, we’ve paid our dues. Time to really enjoy riding on warm days and put the rain bikes aside for a while. Hopefully a long while. 🙂