Feeling a bit unsettled?

Warm one weekend, cold(er) the next. Not that long ago no leg warmers, no base layers. This morning it was base layer, leg warmers and long-fingered gloves. Looks like mid-80s for the weekend. Next Wednesday and Friday show showers in the forecast.

The only thing more uneven than the weather has been how I’ve been feeling on rides, and I’m pretty sure they’re related. Doesn’t really matter; I enjoy riding even on the “bad” days. It’s one of those few things you can count on; it might not feel great when climbing Kings and others are riding away from you, but once you get on top it’s all good, the tough part behind, good times ahead. And when you get back and suddenly feel pretty darned hungry, well, you’ve got good reason to feel that way.

But I miss Summer. Already.

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The band… it’s back together again

img_1201top_kingsSomehow things finally felt normal this morning. Maybe because Kevin was feeling better and did the whole ride. Maybe because both Kevins were there. And Eric. And Karen. And Marcus. And JR. The only semi-regular missing was Karl.

Not sure what went on up at the front on Kings; I stayed with Kevin, finishing in just under 30 (but it sure felt a lot harder than a 30 minute effort!). As you can see in the photo, Summer’s clearly departed… Winter’s coming. It’s not here just yet though; it only dropped to about 45 degrees this morning. Thankfully not damp on the descent; traction felt good.

Also felt good to finally come up from behind and take the Skyline sprint. I used to own that one, but it’s been such a long time since I’ve felt like going for it, actually feeling a bit guilty about trying, given how slowly I’ve been climbing lately. But y’know, you gotta go for what victories you can, and that’s one that I can.

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