Rode 92 to Half Moon Bay just because you can…

red_lakeRiding over Highway 92 to Half Moon Bay is not on the recommended ride list for… much of anybody. Why would you do it? It’s busy, it’s loud, and as you approach Half Moon Bay, the shoulder becomes non-existent. So why do it? Because you can. Because the road belong to everybody, because for at least a few more years you’re strong and fast enough, and also because you want to see how your son handles not-so-great riding conditions. And, thankfully, it’s only a couple miles that are like that.

Today’s ride headed north on Canada, over 92 to Half Moon Bay, then south on Highway 1, Verde, and a connection with Tunitas via Los Lobitos cut-off. But instead of heading up Tunitas and home (which would have been a very short ride), we headed back to the coast and, at San Gregorio, east to LaHonda. Lunch at the Pioneer Market (pre-made $5 sandwiches which were actually pretty good)(and, of course, a Coke).

West Alpine was next on the list, but not before the usual detour past the Duck Pond which, as you can see, had some pretty strange color stuff floating on top of the water! It was the color of rust at the near end, changing to sorta-green as it went on. Didn’t seem to bother the ducks any!

West Alpine? Well, at 47 minutes, it was nothing to get too excited about, but it felt pretty good.

Everything about this route is pretty nice except for the Highway 92 part, but even that isn’t all that bad, and probably nicer than people have in most parts of the country. We’re pretty badly spoiled here!

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Any day you can see your shadow is a good day to ride!

wolh_010815So Tuesday I found you just can’t take a photo using Instagram on your iPhone when wearing winter gloves, because the only shutter button is the “virtual” button on the screen, and you can push and push and the only thing that happens is that you’re pushing the phone away from so so that if it did click (which it won’t), you wouldn’t get the picture you were trying to take anyway. But with the standard iPhone photo app it’s not an issue, because you can use the volume button for the shutter. Took a little bit of practice, figuring out how to orient it, but it worked very well, not even requiring me to “level” the shot in photoshop like I usually have to.

Nice but slow ride today. Just Kevin (pilot) and Eric; the other Kevin had jury duty (which he ended up being excused from, but not until two days into the selection process for a trial. Epilepsy is a pretty good get-off-the-jury ticket, because a seizure causes a loss of the prior couple minutes of memory, so a juror with a seizure could be a bit more than mildly disruptive to the process).

Getting back to the iPhone/Instagram thing, it really is pretty strange that Instagram can’t use the same conventions and the regular photo app. Maybe it can and I just don’t know how. I’d better get it all figured out soon though because Nigel’s coming back and that’s going to kick up the pace of things quite a bit. Makes photos very hard to take when you’re totally gassed!


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