A bit of a different Sunday ride

What do you supposed the view is worth from the house in the picture? “Million dollar view” doesn’t work anymore; I’m thinking maybe 6 million? I would waste so much time watching planes land and take off if I lived there…

First really nice & warm Sunday since… well, a very long time ago! Nice to not have to think about leg warmers, base layers & long-fingered gloves. I figured this would be a good day to hit up Pescadero & West Alpine, but Kevin was getting some kidney pain again (probably a micro-stone) so just getting him off the couch was going to be tough. I did come up with a decent Plan-B though. Ride to the humane society and find a kitty. There was historical precedence for this, as 8 year ago we rode to Modesto to look at and bring home our current psycho Corgi (meeting up with Becky there, to give both Kevin and I, and Jack, the new dog, a ride home).

Not so far today though, just Redwood City to Burlingame. As before we met up with Becky, and it was Kevin & Becky’s job to find a kitty (preferable a really scary one with huge fangs to torture and scare away the rat that’s invaded our kitchen) while I watched the bikes. And watched. And watched. I really didn’t expect it to take almost two hours!

Of course Kevin claimed he had to ride back in the car with Becky to keep an eye on the cat, so I took off into the hills above Burlingame, doing a few odd loops and having some fun on a few short steep hills before heading back. If you look at the Strava map, you’ll see an extra little spur in Woodside, needed so I could make sure to have at least 50 miles on the road.

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Small & insignificant among the trees & fog & shafts of light

IMG_0964_DxO1200There are some signs that things might be getting better, that we might see the sun making longer appearances during the day, that temperatures might stay above the 40s. But until that’s solidly the case, we can at least appreciate the beauty of the sun’s rays through the shadowy remnants of fog that’s burning off just as we approach it.

Good groups today, heading up through the park, but Kevin and I had to cut it short when Kevin started having some kidney pain. Fortunately it was short-lived and didn’t bother him the rest of the day. It probably came on because he didn’t ride Tuesday but attacked the beginning of the climb hard anyway. Someday he’ll learn. Maybe.

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