Both Kevins fast up Kings; George goes boom on 84 descent

Time to take a break and enjoy the view on West Old LaHonda while Kevin has a mild seizure
Time to take a break and enjoy the view on West Old LaHonda while Kevin has a mild seizure
It was a pretty nice ride up until the end; the two Kevins going at it on Kings (I was in no position to witness a 25-minute time), nice ride up on Skyline with the sun’s rays beaming through the trees accented by a light fog. Things were going very well indeed, despite a small seizure Kevin (not the pilot) (it’s probably a good thing people with seizures aren’t pilots) had on West Old LaHonda. He did pick a beautiful spot for it.

I wasn’t really looking forward to the 84 descent, since the roads are in a bit of a mess and I don’t like variable road conditions (wet, dry, wet, dry, dry, wet, dry, rinse & repeat) but George throws a bit more caution to the wind under such situations. I was falling a bit behind him on the tighter corners, but catching back up to him pretty easily where the road straightened out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too close to him when he crashed in the final S-curves towards the end of the descent, so the video isn’t too great, but then again, if I was going his speed through those curves, the camera’s perspective might have been too impressive for my own health.

George hit a spot of damp pavement near the center of the road at the same time he was tightening his line, pulling across the corner, and down he went. Displaced mid-clavicle break, with surgery scheduled for Friday. I think I’ll stay conservative when it’s potentially damp like today.

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3 out of 4 DUIs on suspended licenses; the System is NOT working!

If this doesn’t tell you the system is broken, what will? People are literally dying, not just cyclists, but pedestrians and other motorists, because drunk drivers who are caught & “dealt with” are still out there on the streets, killing people.

This was from Today’s local newspaper, one with a police blotter that, for some cities, names names. I’ve blurred out last names out of misplaced concern for those involved, although frankly, three out of four of these people are not worthy of the benefit of the doubt that our justice system provides. You and I should not be placed at risk because somebody who’s not allowed to drive is out there, driving.

Bringing this close to home, last week local rider Laura Stern was one of 5 cyclists mowed down by a DUI driver with a sordid past. She was pinned under a car for 30 minutes, broke her neck, and amazingly, will be back on a bike in three months.

PerhapsĀ real-time tracking is something that needs to be imposed on all DUI convictions, something where a passing police officer or CHP sees a red light flashing in the presence of such a person, and if that happens to be someone seen driving a car, bang, you pull them over and lock them up. They can be completely sober, driving responsibly, and be subject to immediate incarceration and severe punishment. That might get a few off the streets, and might convince a few more not to try.

We have to do something. We can’t let this continue. We have the power to stop at least some of the carnage. How can we not have the will and find the means to do so?

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