Nobody lives forever, but I’m good for today and tomorrow.

You get older and, at some point, the fact that you’re not going to be around forever becomes something you think about. Perhaps for me the concept of mortality is brought home by way of all the testing that’s been done on my heart & lungs, trying to get to the bottom of my breathing issues. For example, last week I had an electrocardiogram re-test, to see how my heart looks compared to a year ago. This because I now have a real live pulmonologist looking into things for me, and he had some concerns about the very small amount of “valve leakage” that showed up in my prior test, as well as the “athlete’s heart” thing. You can read all about the phenomenon here, but in a nutshell, it’s a normal adaptation of the heart to a lifetime of exercise.

But hey, I’m 61 years old, and it’s not unheard of for people my age to have some weird undiagnosed heart thingee that drops them like a rock. That’s where I have a huge advantage. I’ve now been echocardiogrammed, stress-tested, scanned and then some. My ticker has been pronounced solid.

But until you get the results, things are in a weird state of limbo, and you’re just a bit unsure of how far you should push yourself. What’s going on in that ticker inside your chest?

Finally, Wednesday morning (two rides after the latest round of tests) came the news. The ticker’s good. No progression at all in valve leakage, nothing else to worry about. But a lot of time in-between the test and the results to be thinking about the future, and even the present. Minutes can pass like hours, and interesting thoughts intrude when you’re engaged in things you don’t enjoy, as in, this is time I’ll never get back!

I’m glad those days are over. I’m glad I no longer have thoughts there could be something that could stop me dead in my tracks, without warning. That doesn’t mean I’m immortal though. Nobody is. You keep looking for answers and eventually even the healthiest person will likely find something not-quite-right. But whatever remains isn’t nearly so scary.

Hope it wasn’t cyclists that removed and tossed barriers on WOLH

I do realize I have much to be thankful for, living in this area, but yeah, it would be nice to be able to dismiss with base layers, leg warmers and long-fingered gloves! Still, 44 degrees isn’t all that cold, and the company (Karen, Kevin, Kevin) was good.

No fast times this morning climbing Kings and in fact my heart rate didn’t want to get too high, as if I wasn’t working all that hard. Maybe I wasn’t.

We did notice quite a few more cyclists that usual, due to Bike to Work Day.  Sure hope people stick with it and it’s not just a one-day fun thing to do for most. As much as I ride for recreation & fun, I also ride 5 days out of 6 to work, so I think I have some honest credentials in this regard.

Unfortunately, I have some concerns regarding the photo above. The barriers on West Old LaHonda, where the road is damaged? One of them has been moved out of the way, and the other is actually off the side of the road, as you can see in the picture. Last week Kevin and I moved the barriers back in place, but doesn’t seem like that lasted very long. Let’s hope it’s not cyclists doing this!!!