More updates on the impossible trip

Typing this while Karen is finishing up her chemo infusions at Kaiser… machine is beeping to let someone know it’s all done, three bags down, zero to go! Karen’s been napping the last hour or so. Yay!

Meantime I’ve scaled back the France trip a bit, so Kevin and I will only be missing on Saturday at the shop. Not as much time in France; leaving on a Sunday, arriving on a Monday, heading back home the next Monday.

Changed from flying into CDG to GVA; if a flight is missed, much easier to get from GVA to Grenoble, where we’ll stay a few days, than from Paris. No high-speed TGV, but ticketing and making changes for the TGV aren’t so easy and if something cancels, you’re out a lot of $$$.

So SFO-DEN-FRA-GVA with the long DEN-FRA segment in premium economy on a 787. Yay! Paid for with miles so no fees if we have to cancel.

Right now I’m not in the greatest shape, nor is Kevin for that matter, with his messed up knee. But we’ve got six weeks to get ourselves into shape, and literally pray that Karen continues to do well. We’ll have a doctor’s appointment with her Oncologist next Wednesday I think?

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