Yes, it was cold Thursday morning. Not “epic” cold but cold enough!

Why is it that really cold days get the beautiful views?
The good news, didn’t have to ride our rain bikes! Roads had dried off reasonably well. The bad news? Coldest day so far. My computer reads a bit high but from Kevin’s we know that it got right down to freezing, but not below. Cold enough that we did have to pay attention to the road, looking for ice, especially since the hillsides were oozing water onto the roads from the prior rains.

Slow? Oh yes it was slow. No thinking we’d be doing the West Old LaHonda loop… hopefully next week, if the weather’s nice. I’m sure the view would have been amazing!!! But Thursday morning, even Kevin wasn’t feeling particularly frisky. Just too darned cold, and unfortunately, my body is thinking hey, winter, hibernate! Eating too much, riding too little, and gaining weight I shouldn’t be gaining. Too bad I can’t trade it with my wife, who desperately needs to gain weight.

There were a few spots where the pavement had that funny sort of appearance where it was right on the edge, just the tiniest veneer of ice, mere molecules thick and not a problem. Fortunately the temps started fairly high during the night and didn’t get to their coldest until 6:30am I think. And who’d be riding at 6:30am?

Right. Who’d be riding when it’s this cold (never mind that we’ve ridden days when it was quite a bit colder). Until we started heading up Kings, the answer was, nobody. But about 1/4 of the way up we saw a guy coming down, and we’re thinking, geez, how early was he out there? Then, 3/4 into the climb, we saw one of our more fearless customers, Peggy, riding down the hill. How early did SHE start riding??? Well she came into the shop this morning (Saturday), and I asked her. She started riding at 2:30. In the morning. That is one tough lady!!!

Sunday. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. Would really like to make it to the coast. Kevin hasn’t ridden Sundays in a few weeks, and I’m really not into riding to the “wrong” side of the hill alone. Too much time to think, and right now I need to focus on the ride, the coffee, the food, the conversation (with other people, not the other voices in my head).

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