An unusual day on Kings; I wasn’t last

I was rather surprised how things went on the bike Tuesday morning. I wasn’t the weakest link! Both Kevins were behind me when I got to the top. Very, very strange.

Maybe the Garmin was right. Lately it had been giving me “fitness scores” at the start of each ride that were terrible… -12, -4, that sort of thing. Note the dash denotes a negative number. But today I saw a +2! Got to the Park Entrance faster than… yeah, I looked it up, last August. We’re not talking fast though. Think it was 34 minutes or so, but that’s 3 minutes faster than many recent rides, and I felt good about how I’d done rather than wonder how many more years I can keep doing this.

On the way up we saw turkeys, deer… oh yeah, the usual squirrels.

The unfortunate thing is that my next “real” bike ride isn’t going to be for three weeks. Going on vacation with Karen (a cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore). Don’t think I’ll be ending this year like I did maybe a decade ago (or two?) when Kevin and I did a Santa Cruz ride on December 30th. But given Karen’s health issues, just getting on a plane is going to seem like something that wouldn’t be possible, even a couple weeks ago.

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