If I didn’t have to open the shop, would I be riding with these guys?

Tuesday’s ride up Kings, with just Kevin (younger Kevin), was unexpectedly slow. Actually, it felt slower than it was; I was thinking I’d be lucky to break 40 minutes when I finally made it to the half-way point, but it was something around 35. 35 and I’m ok with that? But it was a pretty tough 35, nothing anywhere to add any fun or zip or just feel like I was even alive.

Thank goodness it was yet another ride where I began to feel better as it went on. By the time we got to the turnaround at the Skegg’s parking lot, I was already thinking that I’d like to see if we could get a PR for the Swett/Star Hill/Tunitas segment. That would mean no stopping for photos, no slowing down for the views, but it was a good day for that, since it was still foggy at the coast. And we got the PR! Nothing to be especially proud of, but something I can work with and try to get a little bit better if I can just manage a solid session on the upper part of Tunitas.

Returning to the start, we see why we’re not getting others on our ride anymore. They’ve all gotten older and slower and are starting an hour and a half later when it’s warmer! Well I’ve gotten older and slower too (can’t say the same for younger Kevin), but have to get out earlier or I’d be missing the first couple hours at the shop. But guessing it’s just a matter of time. It’s going to be a tough habit to break; the 7:45am Tuesday/Thursday Olive Hill/Canada start has been going on for 40 years now? It will be meaningfully sad when it’s over.

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