Have we seen the end of rain?

Let’s hope today was the last ride for my rain bike in a while. The original forecast had been encouraging, meaning, no rain this (Thursday) morning! Yeah! But woke up to really wet streets. Boo. But at least the lack of rain encouraged a few others to get out there; it was the first morning ride in a while that we’ve seen maybe 5 or 6 other cyclists!

Cold, yes. Slow, oh geez yes. Can’t wait for it to get nicer. Upper-30s most of the ride. We were dressed comfortably but descending in the cold isn’t much fun. Nor is it as much fun riding the heavier rain bikes, but thank goodness for disc brakes!

The real shock is the new weather forecast. Up to 15 days with no rain in sight.

2 thoughts on “Have we seen the end of rain?

  1. I count on you guys for road info. Is Hwy 84 east side really closed to bikes ?

    Was going to wash bike but then went down Kings and still messy below the park at one spot

    1. Sorry to take so long getting back to you. 84 is likely going to be closed for quite a while. They’ve talked about trying to open up a single lane, but they have to wait until the ground stops moving.

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