Rain, sun, clouds, rain, rinse, repeat

Saturday’s forecast was rain most of the day, but we ended up with a day of sun. Sunday’s forecast was for a bit of rain in the morning, and the sun, or at least no rain. Think we got the rain Sunday that was supposed to hit Saturday.

It was actually pretty heavy in the morning, and with the forecast still saying it was supposed to stop shortly, we delayed our departure a bit… but why? The rain never stopped. It did slow down a bit as we finally got out, and found ourselves needing to put on and remove the rain jackets a few times.

Skyline was out of the question; looked plain yucky up there, and I didn’t want to fight the increased car traffic due to 84 being closed. But I had to find a way to punish myself, so we rode up Alpine and then Joaquim. Joaquim. Why? You think you’re near the top, as you peer around the corner, but no, it just keeps going.

We looped around the foothills down to Los Altos, the usual coffee and pastry, then set out to return home. Almost got too hot for a while, definitely for the clothing we had on. About 66 degrees! Strange to actually hope for more rain so you could cool off a bit.

Not many others out there. It was actually pretty pleasant!

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