A strange week to be sure!

Had I known about the tree with a mile to go, I would have brought a ride 1 mile kite to tack to it! Pretty good ride Thursday morning; actually had enough rain, a couple of times, to make it worth while. Lots of debris, small slides on the road, but totally passable by bike. And even the tree had enough clearance for cars to get past. Thursday’s ride heads up through the park, but the fire department blocked off Greer before the lower park entrance, due to a downed tree. Tuesday’s ride not too much different, still wet, still cold.

And the forecast says a lot more ahead! Thankfully Sunday looks like it might be ok to bring out the nice bikes. Don’t know where we’ll have the strength to ride; Kevin’s been off the bike since last week, other than commuting to work a couple times on his ebike. So yes, the past few rides have been solo for me. Kind of lonely, yes, but there’s something nice about being the only crazy person in the world. Sometimes. I might feel a bit differently if I ever get a flat out in the rain, alone.

And then there’s that odd Strava entry for me from a few nights ago, a 5 mile loop around midnight. My mom wanted to know what I was mad about; apparently it had been a thing for my dad, way back in the day, to just get in the car and drive if he was really upset at something (presumably the something being my mom). I guess, honoring my dad, I really should have gotten out on my bike. I actually did think about it, but wasn’t sure if my lights were charged up enough for a significant ride. And then I’d need to take a shower when I got back too.

I think, had I ridden, I might have actually felt safer; there were a few times, around Canada College, where I was thinking I’d rather not meet up with a mountain lion. Hate it when that happens.

Sunday. I’ll try to talk Kevin into heading out to the coast and coming back via Tunitas, so we can see what the creek’s like. Hopefully it will rain enough late Saturday to get it running nicely. The forecast says nothing heavy tomorrow, just an all-day light rain ending about 6am Sunday morning. Light breeze that might help dry off the roads. Looking forward to coffee in San Gregorio. 56-57 degrees, not too cold. Should be nice. Slow, but nice.

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