Invisibility sounds cool, but on a bike, not a good thing

Sure, it would be nice if it were warmer, sure it would be nice if less foggy too! But the flip side is that I felt kinda normal for the first time in a few weeks. Just me and (younger) Kevin today; nobody else with us, and none of the usual other cyclists we cross paths with either. Maybe everyone else was waiting for the fog to clear?

At least I was running 50%; I had legs for once, just not lungs. A bit over 32 minutes up Kings and I’m thinking that’s OK? Am I past even the possibility of getting an under-30 time? Kevin, obviously, could have ridden much faster. I’m still good on Skyline, I can still hold most wheels on the short steep sprints. What I can’t do is figure out why there are so many cyclists out there, on foggy mornings like this, wearing dark clothing and on lights.

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