Truth be told…

I actually missed one, maybe two, “rain rides” earlier this season, because the cable-activated hydraulic brakes on our (mine and Kevin’s) rain bikes were failing to work. An actual problem for riding in the rain, and perhaps a problem in general. Brakes are supposed to work. I had a set of new, non-hydraulic brakes sitting at the shop for months, waiting to be installed, but too busy to get around to it.

Finally, a couple weeks ago, after I assumed the rainy season had ended, I get them set up on the bikes. What’s the worst that could happen, right? You got it. Rain. Despite this being one of the driest winter/springs on record, tomorrow morning will make my third consecutive Tuesday/Thursday ride in a row… in the rain.

Normally, you’d think I had caused the rain by not putting on the new brakes, not being prepared. But not this time. Worse, it hasn’t even been “real” rain. Just the light stuff that makes your bike a mess. “Real” rain is hard enough to actually wash your bike down as you ride. Drizzly stuff and you just pick up the much from the road.

At least Sunday was nice. Kevin took the day off to be with his girlfriend, while I rode with Kevin (pilot) and a couple others out to the coast. Pescadero Bakery was closed (it was Easter) but picked up a drink and snack at the gas station/taco place for fuel. I felt OK on Haskins for a change.

We’ll see how things go tomorrow, in the rain. Light, drizzly stuff. Not looking forward to it. Clearly I need an attitude adjustment. Or unexpectedly-heavy rain! šŸ™‚

One thought on “Truth be told…

  1. Hey Mike. Great ride summaries! Rode Kings, Tunitas and all the great mountains around Skyline all through the 1990s. The best. Miss it. Rode with you a couple times too. Hope to catch you guys out there again at some point. Oh, please say hi to Kevin Ex-Pilot for me (yes, Iā€™m yet another Kevin. Haha). Kevin and I rode together every week for years. Also rode often with another awesome guy but his name escapes me. Eddie I think? Anyway, Kevin Ex-Pilot knows him well. Please continue on these epic rides as they are so good for the body and the soul! Be safe out there.

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