A lot colder in the real world than the Zwift world

Colin & Kevin & a much nicer day on the far side of the hill
Last Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, the times I’m usually putting in a hard ride, it rained. And normally, that would only make it more challenging, maybe even more fun, because I’d be out there in the elements, on my rain bike. Normally. But my rain bike isn’t ready to ride right now, and it might be a while before it is (had to remove its old-style Di2 shifting battery to test on a customer’s bike, and haven’t found it since… yeah, I know…). So, instead of just not riding (Kevin’s choice), I did the unthinkable. Got out Kevin’s trainer and “performed” on Zwift each day.

Anybody who thinks you can’t get in a “real” effort on Zwift is probably someone who hasn’t used the platform. You can really run yourself into the ground! And that’s what I did, each of those three days, so come today’s ride, my first real (not commuting) ride on “real” roads, I felt OK. As if I’d actually done the normal rides those three days. In truth, it’s a lot easier for me to develop more power on “real” roads than on Zwift. On the other hand, Zwift is “climate controlled” by a thermostat, whereas we were seeing heavy fog and temps in the mid-to-upper 30s until we got to the top of Old LaHonda. I was riding with Kevin and Colin, and for once, I had the upper hand.

The other side was a whole lot nicer. The sun came out, the temps came up a bit (although I’d never suggest it got “warm”) and we had a nice ride out to San Gregorio. I actually pulled most of the time, and have to admit all that time in the saddle with Zwift (it’s not very comfortable standing on a trainer) helped with those flatter miles, which normally wear on me pretty quickly. Coffee and snacks in San Gregorio before heading up Stage and then Tunitas. No records were set; this was a very easy pace.

Tuesday could be the last day on my road bike, on real roads, for a bit. The weather forecast is looking pretty nasty.

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