And now for something completely different

Los Lobitos Creek is one of the more-magical hidden roads in San Mateo County.
The plan (remember, there’s always a plan) had been to get Kevin (former kid, not former pilot) into gradually-longer rides with the hope of getting a Santa Cruz run in sometime in the next few months. The plan didn’t work out; Kevin had one of his occasional reactions to his anti-epilepsy meds, an issue where he loses his balance (generally not a good thing on a bike). The plan had been to ride reverse-Pescadero and add in West Alpine for a nasty kick at the end.

Nobody likes West Alpine as much as Kevin (former kid). Actually, between myself, Colin and Kevin (former pilot), it appeared nobody likes West Alpine! So we tore up the playbook and did something really different. Not so different at the start; the usual climb up Old LaHonda, descending into LaHonda, but then straight out to San Gregorio. From there, north to Half Moon Bay via Higgins Purissima, for a drink and snack, before heading back via Los Lobitos.

This was new stuff for Colin, and for the most part pretty fun stuff aside from the brief stints on an overly-crowded and noisy Highway 1.

Kevin (former pilot) initially wanted to head back via Los Lobitos cut-off, which isn’t quite as long or steep, but also nowhere near as pretty and remote-feeling. Los Lobitos feels like you’re really far removed from the cities, about as far removed as you can get in San Mateo County. And, no traffic at all, because so few people live out there.

Sad to think the 63 miles represents my longest ride in quite some time; this year I’m planning on doing more “real” rides. Last year I didn’t even ride a century. Longest ride might have been just 75 miles or so. But this year, with the plan being to head back to France again in July, I’ve got to get more miles in. Kevin (former kid) too!!!

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