Rain is fun, drizzle? I waited it out for wimpy ride

Not the best conditions to ride this morning. Light drizzle is about the worst conditions for a ride over the hill, so I decided to wait things out, let the roads dry, and stay on the bay side. Of course, had it been raining heavily, I’d have been out on the rain bike and off to the coast for sure!

So just an easy solo ride to Sunnyvale & back, with a stop at the old store location in Los Altos, which is still, after two years, empty. Not quite so easy on the way back though; got passed by someone on a pretty old Trek, a bike we sold him back in 1998 or so. Of course, I had to try and keep pace with him, eventually catching up at a stoplight. Turns out it was a good customer of ours from the wayback days, Roger S, on a bike I sold him. That old bike is just not slowing him down enough! Of course, out of pride, I had to ride to his side, not draft behind. Pride is over-rated.

1 thought on “Rain is fun, drizzle? I waited it out for wimpy ride

  1. Mike, next time you ride through Los Altos, swing by by our place. Our cookies may not be as big as those in Pescadero, but they’re worth a stop.

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