Same route, totally different feel. Able to torture legs & lungs!

The Pescadero Bakery is not the only reason to ride this loop. Really. I mean that. We’d do it without the killer sandwiches and pastries. I think.

Today’s ride felt so much better than last Sunday. Same exact loop, but last Sunday the “thrill” was just getting back to the usual routine again, after a very long time finding things that got in the way, especially for Kevin. Since last Sunday, we had one really cold Tuesday morning ride, and one really cold and drenching Thursday ride. The latter was bordering on epic quality, and that might have been what it took to recalibrate the mind and body to the absurd state Kevin and I consider “normal.”

Today was unusual in that not so many cyclists on the bay side of the mountains, but a whole lot on the ocean side. There might have been more incentive than usual to get in a nice ride before the 49er game too. Getting in a hard ride might be the cyclists’ version of a tail gate party.

The best thing was that I was finally able to get both lungs and legs a workout. No more being able to talk with Kevin on the climbs; I was able to keep the heart rate up and my breathing at max, which in turn meant my legs had more fuel available to them. Nothing terribly fast, but 24 minutes up Old LaHonda is much faster than the 27 we’ve been doing lately.

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