The usual ride at an easy pace should have been… easy

Goats crossing the road in Pescadero. Hey, why not?
The long line for sandwiches in Pescadero

It had to happen sometime, an end to the long string of ever-faster times up the hills. To be truthful, I’d already told Kevin before the ride that we were going to be taking it easy today; no more 1000+ VAMS, no impossible pulls into headwinds. We’d be doing the usual Old LaHonda/Pescadero/Tunitas loop in “casual” mode.

Fog near the coast!
The plan (remember, there’s always a plan) was maybe 27 minutes up Old LaHonda. Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen. Ended up being 25, not too far off the climb. Still, no question it still seemed like a stronger effort than it should have been. Of course, it wasn’t all that long ago I might have been really happy with a 23 or 24-something and 25 might have been almost normal. Maybe it was the heat? But just low-80s, nothing at all like climbing the Col de Lauteret in France when it was 102.

Guess we should have taken it as a sign that we saw no turtles at the LaHonda duck pond. Can’t remember that ever happening before. The Haskins climb wasn’t terribly notable, and the into-the-headwind run into Pescadero? I was pulling Kevin along because he was feeling even-less energetic than me.

Tunitas Creek’s Bridge of Death
Unfortunately, there were a lot of people who thought Pescadero was the place to be. It was literally a half-hour wait to get a sandwich! Plus Olallieberry Strudel plus 20oz Coke for Kevin, Mtn Dew for me. All good stuff. Fuel for the hills! Well, needed something stronger than Coke or Mtn Dew as we faced the headwinds going north on Stage. Kevin reminded me that this would have been a better day for the reverse loop. But we made it to Tunitas, even passing some people on the last Stage climb along the way.

And Tunitas? Let’s just say, if we had found the secret tunnel, we probably would have taken it. Still got to the top in less than an hour, and kinda sorta enjoyed the slower pace. Maybe. Nah. I really would have liked to have been able to ride faster! Who am I kidding?

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