Finally, a day without rain!

Beautiful day on Stage Road
I’ve often said winters here are never an excuse for not riding; on any given week, there will be at least a couple nice days to ride. Lately I’ve begun to not believe what I preach as we’ve been hit by storm after storm after storm. My “rain bike” has been getting a workout, to say the least. But not today.

There had been a slight threat of a rogue shower or two, and I could have dealt with that, but none showed up. It was time to get back to my “normal” Sunday ride. First time since January 27th. And, like that ride, this was also solo, as Kevin wasn’t feeling very “up” today (relationship issues). I chased a few people, got caught by a few people, and not-too-spectacularly made my way over Old LaHonda & Haskins to Pescadero. Took a break there for coffee (didn’t mention yet that it wasn’t particularly warm) and an olallieberry struddle and then headed north into a stiff headwind on Stage Road. I’ll admit that I was thinking how much nicer it would be to have Kevin to help pull into the wind, but maybe I needed this. After stopping for a photo close to San Gregorio a couple guys caught up with me and I tried, with success, to hang onto their wheels riding up Stage to Highway 1. They were out having an easy ride, and that “easy” pace was pretty much exactly the max I could coax out of my legs. One of the guys was from Amsterdam and “commutes” to the US on a regular basis. Been doing that for 18 years. Surprising I haven’t come across him before!

I did manage to get my best time on the infamous “Hammer of Thor” section of Tunitas since October, so I was happy for that, and found it just a bit easier to push myself than expected.

Let’s just hope… or at least let’s say I’m hoping… that the worst of the rain is behind us. I know we “need” it, but it’s the most we’ve had in at least three years, and besides the effect on my own riding, it’s not exactly the best thing for sales at a bicycle shop either. 🙂

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