This is Summer, right? Seriously?

You’ve got to be kidding. August 21st, still “technically” a month of summer to go, although you do wonder a bit given that kids are already back in school. Maybe the world’s seriously out-of-sync with the normal calendar and it’s only the schools that have it down right?

Yes, school is definitely in session for the kids, evident by changing traffic patterns although, thankfully, no huge backup in Woodside like we saw a few years ago on the first day of school. No huge group for our ride either; just myself and Kevin (younger) at the start, catching up to JR at the top of Kings (he’d mistakenly thought he’d need to leave a bit early so he wouldn’t hold us back on the climb). We did see someone start just up Kings just ahead of us, and it was a bit frustrating to watch as the guy very very very gradually increased the gap between himself and us. But we weren’t going to overdo things today, with Kevin still working on getting his knee feeling better.

Wet? Oh yeah. It was soaking up on Skyline. And unlike days past, it stayed that way most of the time we were up on the hill. You can see in the photo that there was no view, just gray, on West Old LaHonda. A very rare thing.

Hopefully Thursday will be nicer!

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