The return of Marcus; I’m not worthy

Neither Kevin today, just me and this really fast guy who used to be a regular but probably lost interest as the ride became slower over the past few years. I barely made it up Kings under 30, but did manage to get in short pieces of conversation now and then.

Marcus headed for home up on Skyline, leaving me on my own (what if I got lost???!!) until I came across Perry (hope I got the name right?) who comes out from Colorado every few years to join us.

Hopefully Kevin (kid) will be back in action Thursday. He had a scan of his damaged knee, which didn’t show much damage, just some fluid accumulation. Amazing how few issues I’ve had over the past 5 decades.

2 thoughts on “The return of Marcus; I’m not worthy

    1. You do just fine without a tow! Fortunately you left before seeing Kevin return to the ride. That will get ugly. It’s sad, how youth is wasted on the young. Nice seeing you again!

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