Nice 4th of July ride. Good test for France!

Interesting test today, doing tough climbs the day after the usual Tuesday-morning ride. That by itself would be no big deal, but this was a bit of a test, since it’s just 3 days/week that I’m on the lighter dose (1000mg) of the drug that shuts down my bone marrow’s production of platelets *and* as an unfortunate side-effect, red blood cells. I time those three “light” days to coincide with Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays, when I do my “real” rides. The rest of the days I’m on a 1500mg dose, and I can definitely tell the difference. Well, today was a 1500mg day, and it really didn’t go that badly.

It was myself plus the two Kevins, leaving at the civilized hour of 10am. Not a very long ride, but Kevin’s (the kid) favorite- up Old LaHonda, followed by West Alpine. He really loves West Alpine. Me? Yeah, well, whatever. Older Kevin (pilot) and I rode together up Old LaHonda while Kevin charged on ahead, arriving about 3 minutes ahead of us. Hey, at least the same day, right? West Alpine followed a similar scenario, until Kevin (pilot) and I caught up with a guy from Israel who was out there with a friend. When we came by, his speed suddenly changed, and I was just hanging on for life, while the other two chatted away. In the photo above you can see them getting away, near the top, but I did manage to close the gap shortly after.

One thing still needed, prior to France. Some *hot* weather. I don’t think I can count on the moderate temps we’ve had so far this year!

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