Why no Thursday update?

Good question, why no entry for Thursday’s ride. We did ride, just myself and Kevin, and it was wet yet again, soaking wet up on Skyline, making us glad, yet again, that we hadn’t gotten around to cleaning our bikes.

But what kept me from having time to write about it was the bobcat we saw on West Old LaHonda. Yes, a bobcat, something I’ve only seen once before, maybe 15 years ago, a brown ball of fur that raced across the road in front of us on Kings. Today’s bobcat was a bit more defined, crossing the road in front of us at more of a trot before disappearing into the bushes.

The reason that caused me to miss posting the ride is because I was “filming” at the time, and later that night, and even into the next day, I was trying to figure out how to do a picture-in-picture video showing the bobcat, trying to enlarge it enough that you could actually see it. Kevin and I could see it very clearly, but in the video, it barely shows up at all. Maybe I’ll figure it out soon and post.

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