Cold? Check. Wet? Check. Feeling awful? Not this time!

Skyline in… May? 39 degrees? Wet?
After weeks and weeks (and more weeks) of Tuesday & Thursday-morning rides where I haven’t exactly felt lively, rides where I’ve struggled up Kings and once in a while even felt like turning back, today was finally different. I can’t say why, only that it’s about time.

Kevin (my son) was back from Disneyland, so it was the normal group of regulars… Kevin, Kevin & Karen. Older Kevin (the pilot) was complaining that he was going to be slow, and guess I should have taken him seriously because, for once, there was someone on the ride slower than me! I don’t think that was actually motivation or a reason for me feeling better though; even climbing up through the park, where I’m normally dying on the steeper pitches, I felt OK. We regrouped at the top of the park, where Karen and I headed on ahead, Kevin and Kevin behind. A little further up Kevin (kid) bridged up to the two of us, just to show us he could. I offered to drop back and keep Kevin (pilot) company, but Kevin (kid) said no, keep on going, he’d hang with the pilot. Ugh. Part of me was hoping I could ease off a bit, the other part wanted to see how far I could go.

How far? Yeah, the usual, Karen dropped me on the switchback before the switchback (the second one being the second creek crossing, halfway up the hill). I did my best to both keep Karen in sight ahead and maintain my distance from the two Kevins. It worked. Not a very fast time to the top, but better than the past few months.

Heading up West Old LaHonda
Skyline? Wet and cold. Down to 39.7F on m computer; glad I brought my heavier gloves! Kevin (pilot) and Karen peeled off at Sky Londa, leaving just myself and younger Kevin for the scenic West Old LaHonda section, and scenic it was! That is, if your total palette of colors spans from dull greens to bright grays. Totally fogged in. But, I didn’t care. I was still feeling pretty darned OK. I could put something into the pedals and feel like there was still more in reserve. It felt good. I’m ready for more of it!

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