The usual Sunday ride, but different

Today’s ride wasn’t so much different because Kevin wasn’t there; he’s missed a few lately. It was different because I got to show people something they’d not seen before, even though they’d ridden the area quite a bit. It was at the top of Old LaHonda that I came across a group that was heading out to the coast and back via Tunitas, but instead of getting there via the bakery, I mean Pescadero, they were going straight out to the coast on 84.

I gave brief consideration to shortening my ride and going with them, but I need the miles, especially since I miss out riding this Tuesday due to business in DC. Instead I escorted their group of four (I think?) on a slight detour to the LaHonda duck pond. It’s not exactly in its prime this time of year; the turtles don’t come out until it warms up a bit and it’s the wrong season for the big Blue Herons often seen at the pond.

Afterwards I showed them the way out (reconnecting them to 84) and rode on up over Haskins and into Pescadero. Not fast, not slow, just riding at a decent pace and feeling a bit better than expected.

The Pescadero Bakery has cut way back on cookies; just one type this time (butterscotch chip) but at least big enough to pass the cookie face test.

Not much wind on Stage Road, but was surprisingly cool for being so close to the coast. It’s pretty rare to see anything below 50, but today, yes. Not a big deal if you dress appropriately and keep a fairly even effort going.

Tunitas? I thought about pushing it hard for a bit, but was down by a full minute coming into the forest, and decided instead to look for something different on the way up, and found it. A bright red mushroom growing out of the side of the hill. Had to stop and take a picture, and since I was already wrecking my time, stopped again to take video of the creek.

So the usual ride, but with a bit of time spent to stop and smell the roses, as well as introduce people to something new.

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