Wish I could have borrowed some of Sunday’s feelings

Unusual to see a Crane at the side of the road.
Wet this morning? Yes, but not epic by any means, just wet, light rain, not too much wind. It wasn’t fun climbing Kings; I was seeing some of the same performance issues that plagued me for the first half of Sunday’s ride. Kevin was able to just float up ahead in idle mode. Almost 38 minutes up Kings???!!!

Not so bad once up on top. It just taking forever for me to find my legs these days. Do I need to get up extra-early and put in some time on a trainer before the ride?

We saw just two others out there; some guy heading down Kings without leg warmers (???!!!) and another guy as we were heading back into Woodside. My Strava activity feed is either malfunctioning or claiming that nobody else was out riding today.

Maybe Thursday will be better. Maybe it will be raining buckets, and I’ll be feeling better. It could happen.

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