Cold, Slow & Awesome. Some things just can’t be explained.

Confirmed; it IS getting colder. We saw 34 degrees on this morning’s ride, as usual at the same place as always- the base of Kings, just before reaching Greer. Unfortunately, I don’t truly get credit for how cold it was because my new computer, the Garmin 1030, reads 4-6 degrees high on temp. Hate that!

Kevin (the kid, not the pilot) was the only person out with me today. Maybe everyone else was waiting for it to get warmer? It was a pretty easy ride up Kings, via the park, but not nearly as easy as the 35 minute time indicated! I chose the picture above because it gives an illusion of speed while climbing. Trust me, it was an illusion.

We’re still wondering when they’re going to get around to finishing the roadwork near Bear Gulch, where it’s still a single lane controlled by a traffic light. At best we see road crews working one out of three times and it has a ways to go before getting close to that “almost finished” look. At least West Old LaHonda is finished, but you’re going to be picking up some sticky gravel for a while because there’s not enough car traffic on that road to pack down the freshly-paved sections. Maybe that’s what Fat Bikes are for?

The upper section of 84 is now complete, but there’s a fairly-short one-lane signal-controlled section in the middle (the light doesn’t take too long to change) and then a manually-controlled much-longer section towards the bottom. It’s not entirely clear what they’re doing; nothing’s been dug up yet. I can’t imagine they’d be starting a major project this close to winter though!

So it was cold, it was slow, but it had the silver lining of making us really hungry for.. donuts & coffee. Life is good.

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