Nice morning, nobody but me, time to clean out the cylinders

Checking in on the reconstruction work on West Old LaHonda
Pretty nice morning; surprising nobody else showed up for the ride! Younger Kevin is still sidelined with his knee issue (plus he got in pretty late last night from a date) and everyone else? Maybe they were scared off by the fog up on Skyline, but if so, they missed out since the roads were dry the whole ride.

Even though alone I still stick to the plan, and since it’s Thursday, that meant riding up through the park. Without anybody for pacing I wondered how it would go, but with things like power meters and heart monitors, you’re hardly flying blind when riding alone. It wasn’t a fast climb, but it wasn’t terribly slow either. A bit over 30 minutes, and once on top I just kept going, easing off enough to let my heart rate drop from 165 to 150 but definitely not resting. For some reason I had this idea that I’d just keep pushing. There was never a feeling that I was chasing imaginary cyclists up ahead; I didn’t see a single other cyclist once I got into the hills.

No shortening the ride for me today; been there, done that, too many times lately. I kept the pressure up on the pedals all the way down west-side 84 to West Old LaHonda, rode up to the point where the construction is taking place (shown in the photo), then headed back the same way, continuing to push the pace back up to Sky Londa.

Somehow, even after stopping to take a few pictures, I managed to finish the ride almost on schedule for a “fast” ride. The 228 watts that showed for average weighted power were the best I’ve seen in recent memory and the 112 “suffer score” on Strava was yet another indication that I’d been working it. It was really nice knowing that, despite everything that’s gone on with the bike shop and the meds I take for my bone marrow issue, I can still pretend to dance on the pedals.

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