Felt like I could have used an E-Bike today!

Heading down 84 towards West Old LaHonda, we spotted a cyclist riding curiously quickly with apparent ease in the opposite direction. Yep. E-Bike.
It’s comforting to know there are some things you can count on, no matter what, right? Like Tuesday & Thursday mornings, from 7:31am to somewhere between 9:37 & 9:45am, I’m out there on my bike, doing the regular Kings loop, just as I have for the last few decades. Rain or shine, healthy or not. This morning was more in the “not” camp, as I’m getting over some sort of a short & nasty cold, the sort that, after it eases up, leaves you without a voice. That was me this morning.

I was guessing it would be a 36 minute ride up Kings, “old & slow” sort of thing, but it never works out that way. You start up the climb and your body just goes into auto-pilot mode, and 32 minutes 38 seconds later, you’re at the top. And as usual, you feel better and better as the ride goes on. Why can’t everything in life be like that?

Smaller group today than Tuesday; just Kevin, Kevin & Tom (is he going to be a regular now?). Warm? Yes, but also pretty humid. Much more humid than any of my recent rides in France actually! Unfortunately, the best I felt all day, the only time I really felt good all day, was on the ride this morning. At the shop the excess humidity really did a number on me. Just gotta find a way to make a living riding a bike I guess!

One thought on “Felt like I could have used an E-Bike today!

  1. Hah! I was the guy on the orange e-bike (RadWagon). It’s been powering my commute from La Honda to the Willow Road area of Menlo Park for the past six weeks. I absolutely love it since it’s made a cycling commute over 20 miles and ~2000 ft of elevation gain each way a possibility. I climb up Old La Honda every evening and get a decent workout still. Not the same as on a road bike, but way better than sitting in a car!

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