I’ll miss France, but our mountains are open year ’round

Climbing the Izoard from the Briancon side.
On the one hand, the mountains in France are nothing if not magnificent. On the other, when comparing them to our own local mountains, one needs to consider that we can climb Kings or Old LaHonda or West Alpine 365 days/year, while the Izoard & Galibier & Tourmalet are closed 7 months of the year!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel this morning, with a bit of a banged up knee from taking a fall hiking up a hillside for photos, not to mention having to run 2 miles to a train afterward, but y’know, once you get onto Kings, everything just fell into place. I will admit to feeling some pretty hefty jet lag this afternoon and evening though!

One thought on “I’ll miss France, but our mountains are open year ’round

  1. The Bay Area riding arena (?) is, simply put, one of the best in the entire world. Yup, 365 days a year unless you melt in the rain (ask Margaret Hamilton about melting . . . ).

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