Scattered clouds without rain works for me!

Mornings scenes like this will always be special, even when it’s on a section of road you do 100 times/year.
After Tuesday’s ride in the rain, I was really looking forward to dry roads and getting to ride my Trek Emonda. Don’t get me wrong; the Boone is an awesome ‘cross and rain bike. But everything about the way I’ve set it up is oriented towards surviving in tough conditions. There’s nothing quite like a superlight road bike with just one purpose- to be efficient. You really can tell the difference.

That’s not to say I was particularly fast today. Karen and Kevin both got away from me, but at least I was able to keep them in sight, all the way to the top of Kings. Actually, we didn’t have to ride with Kevin at all if we didn’t want to; somehow he forgot that it was Thursday and instead of making the right hand turn onto Greer and going up through the park, he headed straight up Kings. I had to yell pretty loud to get his attention and turn him around!

It’s still pretty cool in the mornings, getting down to 38 up top, but you can dress comfortably for that, so we were good. Once again we were out riding on the “closed” section of West Old LaHonda, which still looks pretty much exactly the same as it has for the past three weeks. I’m still very concerned the county isn’t taking this road very seriously, because it’s become far more heavily used by cyclists than motorists over the years.

While I’m definitely looking forward to warmer days with lots of sun, there’s something to be said for broken clouds like we saw today. The picture tells the story.

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