100% true bike shop story (happened today). “I’m not paid to have opinions, sir.”

Guy comes in looking for a saddle like the one he bought from us a year ago.
Becky’s helping him, asks what his name is, so she can look it up and see.

Guy: Oh, I wouldn’t be in there, I wouldn’t have given you my name.
Becky: I can be pretty persuasive, let me check.
Guy: Well what, you work for the CIA or something?
Becky: Yep
Becky looks it up, sure enough, it’s there.
Guy: What, how did you get that?
Becky: It’s right here dude.
Guy: So what do you think happened in Paris? Who’s behind it?
Becky: I’m not paid to have opinions, sir.

This customer fits into the category of appearing in most ways normal
but pretty sure he lives inside a Faraday cage.

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