A wet & beautiful morning

Yes, it would have been nice if it hadn’t been wet, just like it would have been nice if I hadn’t missed Tuesday’s ride for business meetings in San Diego. But guess the rain bike needs a few more outings before retirement (when I get my Trek Boone cross bike built up). Bigger group than I expected, with Todd, JR, Eric & Kevin (pilot; my son has a nasty cold). Slow up Kings, recovered on Skyline, nice final climb up West Old LaHonda before a slightly-sketchy descent on 84.

Yes, it hurts after a few days off the bike, sitting in a conference room, eating too much, but it would hurt even more to not ride. Besides, we have to prove how much more reliable a bike is than SFO airport, which barely allowed me to get home from San Diego Wednesday night due to a light drizzle. This time of year, if you have a choice, fly via San Jose. Far more reliable!

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