Rode naked this morning

Riding back up into the fog on West Old LaHonda
Riding back up into the fog on West Old LaHonda

At least that’s how it felt, naked. I grabbed my Garmin computer without noticing that it had zero charge. Apparently, after last Thursday’s ride (I didn’t ride Sunday because I was on my way back to Wisconsin for the Trek gig), I didn’t notice it had gone into “sleep” mode, not off. Battery drained completely. So no heart monitor, no power meter, nothing to show me speed or time. I didn’t even have a camera on the bike this morning! If it wasn’t for the iPhone Strava app, it would be as if I hadn’t ridden at all!

But of course I did ride, along with both Kevins, Eric, Mark P and JR. A bit cool at the start, nice & sunny up on top. Summer in California! Hey, I’ll take it over summer just about anyplace else I’ve been. But I’ll also remember to make sure my Garmin’s got a full charge. Yes, I know, some ride without any computer at all, the only thing keeping track of their ride being their memories. Not me. I’m the guy who even installed a power meter on his BikeFriday for my recent trip to France.

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