Kevin’s return to the Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride

kevin_thumbs_upDay 3 of Kevin’s comeback; Sunday it was a 42 mile ride featuring West Alpine, yesterday (Memorial Day) a ride through the peninsula foothills, and this morning it was back with the regular gang as he finally returned to the Tuesday/Thursday-morning Kings Mtn ride.

Karl, JR, George… missing in action were Kevin (the pilot) & Eric. Eric’s probably recovering from the Death Valley Stage Race, and Kevin is likely flying someplace. Last week it was Shanghai, maybe Brazil this week? No Marcus either. Maybe a more-intimate setting was better anyway. Especially nice to have Karl to ride with Kevin; Karl had been off the bike for quite a while himself due to a hip issue.

Since Karl was riding with Kevin I rode on ahead with George & JR as far as the open section (1.4 miles to go). We were riding at a reasonable pace, allowing me to even talk once in a while, but still fast enough to have a respectable time. Nevertheless I peeled off and circled back a bit to check on Kevin & Karl, who showed up about three minutes later, and escorted them the rest of the way up the climb. They were doing fine, but it was a good idea to make sure Kevin has hanging in there.

Kevin did a lot better up on top, easily holding onto wheels as the pace increased on Skyline. He ran into some difficulty on West Old LaHonda, but gave a big thumbs-up letting me know he wasn’t defeated; he was back. Biggest issue is going to be rebuilding confidence in descending; his head’s not in the game (might still be buried in that curb he hit last Friday).

My guess is that two weeks from now he’ll be dropping me again on the climbs. I’ll try to enjoy it while it lasts!

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