George Hincapie stood around and did nothing

So George Hincapie writes a book (gee, what a surprise!) and once again, it’s all about doping, it’s all about it just being the normal thing to do, level playing field, etc. And I get that. Totally. Make lemonade while you still can. Get your book out before people lose interest.

A picture I took of George Hincapie at the 2002 Tour de France

However, his accounting, from what I’ve read, is morally bankrupt. We know Lance doped, we know how. Left out is the culpability of people like George who stood by and did nothing as Lance skewered two people, Emma and Betsy, for telling the truth. George knew what was going on from the beginning. He (and many others) saw what Lance did to people who got in the way. And they did… nothing.

Just as Floyd Landis did nothing when his best friend made the infamous phone call to Greg LeMond, claiming to be an uncle who had molested him as a child.

Complete and total moral bankruptcy that, to me, far exceeds the crime of doping.

If you want to confess, confess from your heart, not from your brain. Don’t leave out the tough stuff, those things that would leave someone wondering how the heck you could stand by and allow that to happen. I’ve tried so hard to avoid using the old cliche about how, during times of war, people allow things to happen to other people that are unpardonable. Things that, at the time, somehow seemed like the only thing to do, and ignore the fact that their life has been a journey that took them to this place and time and something’s gone horribly wrong and needs correction.

George, why did you stay silent when lives where being destroyed? Doesn’t that become more important than winning a bike race? Didn’t it create troubling conversations at the time? Tell us about them. Tell us how it was OK. And then tell us why you, and the others who cooperated with the doping investigation yet did nothing at the time, deserve a better place in the historical record than Lance.

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