Cyclists train local residents to do tricks

How many rides can say the locals pick stuff off the road for them?
How many rides can say the locals pick stuff off the road for them?

After doing this ride for… well, quite a few decades… you get familiar with the “regular” locals being walked by their dogs through Woodside. We’ve always been friendly, saying hi, never bothered by their dogs even when caught by surprise and we have to slow down a bit. So guess it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise this morning when we came across a couple of the more-regular regulars on Manuella, and they weren’t getting their dogs out of the way (they already were) but rather one of the women was remove a large branch from the road ahead of us. How nice is that?

Oh, the funny thing about her picking up the branch and putting it at the side of the road. Her dog was seriously confused, thinking she was going to toss it so he could fetch. Um… this was a branch, not a stick! Maybe someday we’ll have to stop and toss a real stick to the dog.

A bit breezy this morning, and definitely a bit cool, down to 38 up on Skyline. Looking forward to it getting warmer again! Not many of us today, just myself, Eric, George, Karen & Marcus. George & Eric were playing up front on Kings while Marcus was taking it easy riding with me, Karen just behind. Beautiful out on West Old LaHonda as the skies cleared and the green hills contrasted strongly against the sky. Yet another nice morning on a bike. –Mike–

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