We are experiencing technical difficulties; please stand by

This has not been a fun week for the almost-daily diary. Our site, based on WordPress and hosted by LunarPages, has been attracting… something. Too much of something. We’re not sure what that something is. It would be nice to think it’s zillions of people reading the Almost-Daily Diary, but the reality is that it looks more like a “Denial of Service” attack, or some weirdly-configured software, either of which is bringing the server to its knees. And LunarPages, when they see a server being brought to its knees, disables whichever website (ours, in this case) which seems to be the cause.

For the time being we’re back up, but not without a few hitches. Images, for one, don’t seem to be showing up on a regular basis. And there’s a new piece of software attached to the front end, so when you log on, you get a message telling you that it’s going to be about 5 seconds delay while your web browser is checked out. I’m concerned that many will think they’re looking at something that’s trying to attack their computer when they see that message.

I’ve spent a lot of time back & forth with LunarPages over this, on the phone, via email, and on-line e-chats. They seem to be sincerely working to fix the issue, but how long should it take? I’m willing to throw more resources (money) at it, but that apparently isn’t an option.

So we’ll see how it goes. Crossing my fingers that things are on the mend and I can get back to posting regularly about rides, lobbying efforts and pointless personal stuff.  –Mike Jacoubowsky, Chain Reaction Web Guy

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