If you happen to drive by our Redwood City store tonight…

For just one night, Santa's Sleigh is being pulled by four bikes we're donating to the Redwood City Toy Drive
For just one night, Santa’s Sleigh is being pulled by four bikes we’re donating to the Redwood City Toy Drive

Becky had done a great job coordinating a Christmas window display in our Redwood City store, working with Nate & Chris & Mike to construct a sleigh being pulled by bikes. Over the past couple weeks the bikes changed models & colors as they were sold and new ones built. But tonight’s display is special, because these four bikes are being donated to the Redwood City Police Toy Drive in the morning. It seemed fitting they should have a night pulling the sleigh, all by themselves. This was one of those things I didn’t even think about until an hour after I got home, and Becky was working out the details for getting the bikes to the Toy Drive. It just had to be. So at 9:30pm we drove back down to the shop and spent an hour setting up the window with the chosen bikes and taking photos.

It was a special moment. It still is, as I type this. Kids bikes are as special as they come. More so than a $9000 Project One road bike with all the trimmings. Kids don’t over-analyze a bike any more than you or I over-analyze a doughnut. They know a good thing when they see one!

To answer the obvious question, yes, Becky’s staying in the sleigh all night. Just kidding!!! But the picture will live forever. Maybe we’ll print it up and include it with each bike. –Mike–

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