Why “Better Off Ted” was such a great show

There’s an obvious tie-in to cycling, with Veridian Dynamic’s research into drugs that can improve you as a human being. But what made that show so good was its immediacy. There was an uncomfortable feeling that yes, this probably is happening. Right now, in some research lab or marketing department, and they think it’s OK.

Regarding cycling and doping scandals, we spend a lot of time rationalizing that we’ve done something about doping by punishing a select few for the past transgressions. We deal with the future by re-writing the past such that it doesn’t continue. We ignore the hole that leaves in the present, for companies like Veridian Dynamics. And that worn-out cliché “Think of the children!”? That shouldn’t be something to laugh about. We really should be thinking about the effect of our actions on the next generation.

We need to spend more time creating a vision for a better future. We do need to “think of the children!” when we consider things of an ethical nature. Or perhaps we just need to think of more things as if they had an ethical side. –Mike–

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